Here Since The Beginning

Z-Com Creative was a very early entry into online marketing in Phoenix, Arizona. Formally, Z-Com was founded in 1999, having grown from a print marketing and public relations firm started in 1994. We finally moved to fully specialized online marketing by 2005, when we began offering full-stack Drupal development. Add in social media consulting in 2006 and Adwords management in 2010, and that’s where our firm is today.

Founder Paul Beakley was the first journalist to write about the Internet in Arizona, in a feature for Arizona Business Magazine in 1992. It was early, too early really, for anyone to see how the worldwide web would end up dominating the world. It's okay, though: we've been paying attention since the beginning. We remember what the world was like before, and we understand where you're coming from if this all just seems so new and hard to grasp. We get it.

If you ask our clients, they’ll tell you we’re especially good at talking you through what you don’t know (and what you don’t know you don’t know). We’re big believers in straight talk, and staying away from technical jargon. There’s a lot of obfuscation and snake oil being sold as “SEO” or “SEM;” we’re here to demysticize what’s really happening, so you can make informed decisions that impact your business.

We’d very much like to become your online marketing consultant. Let’s talk and see if we’re a good match!